Nyxoah is a special kind of place where the individual is expected to make a difference. Our staff embrace that challenge. So far we’ve managed to resolve many pre-conceptions about what OSA treatment can achieve. It’s because we surround ourselves with people who have broad vision and big dreams. 

We give them plenty of professional support and encourage them to be entrepreneurial and daring. Success belongs to those who keep trying. We can promise you a dynamic and vibrant work environment, where everybody on the team takes ownership for our common fortunes.

If we are the kind of company that appeals to you, tell us about yourself: your achievements, your interests and your aspirations. Become part of the solution that will change people’s lives.  In order to support our continuous expansion, Nyxoah is actively looking for some talented and motivated people to join the team. If you’re interested in joining a dynamic and motivated team, aiming to raise the bar and to challenge the status-quo, feel free to send your CV and candidature at